First established in 1979, Tsandza Weaving, formerly known as Rosecraft Weaving, is a social enterprise that produces high quality products, handwoven in pure natural fibres by talented Artisans in rural Swaziland. Providing not only for our Artisans and their families, we also provide for consumers seeking ethically produced items that make an impact to a bigger purpose when making their purchase. A forever present that not only represents beauty and skill, it contributes to a more sustainable future for us all.


Currently working with around 60 Artisans, Tsandza’s mission is to provide the opportunity for a constantly expanding population of rural women to develop and learn new skills that allow them to generate income to care for their families, and our consumers, another option and a means to buy more ethically. 

Our Artisans are provided with funded training and a working environment that ensures their own personal growth and wellbeing. With free education only being introduced gradually since 2011 in Swaziland, many of our Artisans do not have a formal education. Not only does this opportunity to learn a skilland earn an income enhance the self esteem of each of our Artisans, it increases their independence and gives them a greater chance of having a voice within their families and communities.

As an active member of Swaziland’s Fair Trade Association (SWIFT) we are consciously striving to maintain and improve all that we do to ensure we adhere to the principles of Fair Trade.  


To be globally recognised as a brand that produces luxury home decor and fashion accessories both ethically and sustainably and as an organisation who is making a difference in our communities.