Above all else, our Artisans are the heart of our business.

We currently work with around 60 women both workshop and home based. Their skill and workmanship is truly an art form!

Tsandza offers a unique opportunity for rural women that allows them to earn whilst they learn. Our 6 month training programme is in-house and on the job by our senior & master Artisans who have worked with the business for as many as 30 years.

The aim upon completion of their “trainee” programme, is that each new Artisan will have the knowledge, and be proficient across all aspects of our production methods and materials ensuring that they are able to continue well after there training has finished.

It is very important to the business that those Artisans wishing to develop their skills further have the opportunity to do so. We are extrmely proud to see people progressing into broader roles such as team leaders, trainers and supervisors, and aim to always provide as much coaching and support as possible to assist them.